Wednesday, December 12, 2007

WiP Wednesday: Boring Edition

So I really only have one thing on the needles, and it’s the same Monkey sock as on Monday. It just has a heel now. Not particularly interesting.

I did do some blocking earlier this week, which brings my official Christmas knitting to a close. Here’s the second Jaywalker scarf, ready to wing it to Mississippi and become a Christmas gift for my best friend’s mother or sister.

And here’s Joe, modeling the as yet un-fringed Steelers Scarf 2.

Once that gets fringed, it is all ready to be given to my dad in 13 days or so.

I was over at my parents place a little bit earlier today, and my mom found a great scarf from my kid-hood. I totally remember this scarf, modeled by Bax.

It’s a kids-length scarf for sure. It’s actually just 40” long, excluding the scraggly-looking fringe. Oh, and how did my mom know that it was my scarf and not my brothers?

Yep. Somewhere in all of my quilting stuff, I have a whole zippy bag of those labels. How fun is that?


SJ said...

Aw, cute kid scarf! Clearly very well loved.

I love how the Jaywalker scarf turned out. Great colors!

I caught part of the Tom Brokaw 1968 show last night -- excellent! Unfortunately, my body did not want me to stay up to see the whole thing. I'm going to try to DVR it so I can see the rest.

turtlegirl76 said...

The Jaywalker Scarf is very pretty! Did you do that with solids? Lovely! All the scarves are great but that's my favorite. =)