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Amazing Race Sunday: Airline Edition

If you usually skip/skim my AR posts, at least scroll down to the paragraph under "Detour" marked with *** for an amusing YouTube link for an old M&Ms commercial. I'm just sayin' ...

I skipped the end of the Steelers debacle game to attend a Christmas carol sing-a-long event at my parents church with my mom. My voice is a little sore, but the “bonus” is that I got home just in time for the Hubster to decide he needed to punt and go to bed. This means that for an unprecedented second straight week, I have the remote control all to myself for TAR! He’s a Survivor guy, but not so much on the Amazing Race. Onward!

Proceed To: Dubrovnik, Croatia
When the first teams leave at 1 am, you just know that airline reservations are going to be a major equalizer.

Eeyore & Christina made a smart move going first to a hotel to reserve airline tickets, then to the airport. Kynt & Vyksin also had what looked like a smart idea hitting a travel agent and they were the second team to be ticketed and in line to board. Nick & Don wound up second in line at the ticketing service.

The brother/sister dynamic between Azaria & Hendekea became very interesting when they realized they were sitting in Business class instead of economy. That left them shut out on the first two flights. With just six teams left, this could be a death knell … except that we haven’t had a non-elimination leg in the race yet. Hmmm…

First flight (via Prague): TK & Rachel and Nick & Don. The flight was really late into Prague, which caused major problems. Their connection was gone and they were stuck in Prague. This put them through Vienna to Dubrovnik. Nick & Don got STUCK because of the delay. 1a (via Vienna 2:39 pm): TK & Rachel. 1b (via Zagreb .. didn’t show arrival time, but they were the fifth team to hit dirt in Croatia): Nick & Don

Second flight (via Warsaw, ARR 11:20 am): Kynt & Vyksin, Nate & Jen, Ron & Christina

Third flight (via Frankfurt, last to arrive in Croatia): Azaria & Hendekea

Road Block: Find Stone
Pick a stone that fits in a wall perfectly. The stone mason will approve your stone and give you your clue.

Ron took a little while to find the right “home” for his stone, but they were on their way before K&V and Nate & Jen even found the clue box. I love how supportive and positive TK & Rachel are with each other. They’re probably my favorite team and I’m rooting for them. Don took for-ev-er finding a stone that fit correctly but they were able to stay in fifth place, just ahead of Azaria & Hendekea

Zip Line
OK, here’s where we fine the first real instance of the occurrence in this race that always makes me shout at the TV. “Are you sure this is safe?” Of course it’s safe! Do you honestly think CBS would make you do something that could maim or kill you? Really? You think they want to be sued? COME ON, PEOPLE! Use that thing above your shoulders for just a minute!

Detour: Short & Long or Long & Short
Short & Long – stands for a short physically taxing part of the program followed by a long, potentially confusing trip through the harbor town. • Kynt & Vyksin were the first ones to rappel down the building. TK & Rachel also took this route. It worked well for both teams. No drama, no footage, I guess!

Long & Short – stands for a very long physically taxing part. Like “row around the entire harbor” kind of long. Then a short trek to find the next clue box. • Eeyore and Christina chose this option because “it’s easier” Uh-huh. We’re 20 minutes into the episode and hadn’t heard anything about Ron’s hernia. What do you want to guess that we’ll be hearing a lot about it in the minutes to come?

***It also amazes me that so many people have never rowed a boat before and/or have no concept of how to row a boat. Didn’t they ever see this M&Ms commercial? Once Christina decided to listen to her dad (and who can blame her for not believe she should listen to him right off the bat!), they got going OK. Nate and Jen had also never rowed a boat and bickered horribly the whole time.

Nate & Don started with Don rowing (why?) then Nate was rowing facing forward. A bad decision for where to catch a taxi may have cost them. Photo finish at the end!

Pit Stop: Stone Cross
Somehow, Nate & Jen beat Ron & Chris to the clue box, but (haha) they found a taxi driver who wouldn’t let them into his cab because they were still wet from the rowboat. I found that amusing. Jen started to melt down the second R&C passed them because they wouldn’t be able to finish first. Wah. They managed to find a kind soul who schlepped them up the hill and would have been second, but that was “illegal transportation” up the hill, so they had to go back down and start over. I really don’t like Jen’s attitude. I’d have to slap her after about 10 minutes in her company. Yeesh.

Order of arrival: 1. Ron & Chris, 2. Kynt & Vyksin, 3. Nate & Jen, 4. TK & Rachel, 5. Nick & Don, 6. Azaria & Hendekea

The shotgun blast as each team arrived at the pit stop scared the crap out of everyone every time. Still an elimination leg. The bulk of this leg was about airline reservations which is a bummer. Honestly? I would rather see Nate & Jen go bye-bye than A&H, but nobody asked me.

No AR next week. I know several of you are giving a hearty “hooray” at that news. Hope everyone had a good weekend!

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Jenn said...

I kept wanting people to push their teammates out of the boat, but nobody ever did. Too bad. I've read that there aren't actually any non-elimination legs this time, but there may be one or two of those double legs that always catch them by surprise.

I would have rather seen Nate & Jen go byebye, too, but Hendekea was starting to drive me nuts with "We have to hurry!" all the time.