Friday, May 14, 2010

Father Time

As I browsed my way through Maryland Sheep & Wool, I noticed the great big Three Irish Girls at the Cloverhill booth on Saturday. But in the same visual sweep I found Pam and Cristi, so I figured if I was meant to pick up some 3IG yarn, it would have to be there later.

It was.


The 3IG display at Cloverhill was much smaller on Sunday, but there was still a goodly amount to chose from


The Father Time colorway appealed to me, even though I didn’t distinctly remember it from the Dye for Glory contest, which isn’t surprising since I purchased it reskeined, which is very different visually from their Dye for Glory entry.


Of course, then I touched the yarn. The 80% merino/10% cashmere/10% nylon content is extremely soft and squooshy. And hey, 370 yards will make something.


I just don’t know what. ::sigh::


MollyBeees said...

Beautiful. Colors I would never think of together but they look great!

SJ said...

I have no idea what you should make, but the colorway is gorgeous!

Donna Lee said...

I just used one of Roxanne's merino/cashmere/nylon blends to make a totally decadent pair of socks for ME. I love the feel of them on my feet.

That is such a pretty colored skein.