Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Taking a Sick Day

Yes, I’m late with WiP Wednesday, but I took a sick day today. My sinuses finally won the war yesterday – after about six weeks of allergy-induced uncomfortable, I had massive sinus headaches and was feeling generally yucky all last night. And how does an unemployed person take a sick day? I didn’t set the alarm clock and have done virtually nothing all day. I think the weather matched my mood, since it was overcast and drizzly all day.

But I did take a few minutes to snap a crappy photo of my Scylla sock:


See? Progress! Sock mojo is back!

I’m going to get back to Pavillion very soon, but I think Scylla is better hockey knitting for tonight. Let’s Go Pens!


SJ said...

I could've used a sick day myself yesterday. More like a tired day. Oh well, the weekend is coming.

Sock is looking good! Is there a Charybdis sock for the mate?

Donna Lee said...

I hope you're feeling better by now. I'm a sinus sufferer, too and it has been tough the last few days (the wind doesn't help either!).

I like the hat you got in MD and I'm not sure that looking Australian is a bad thing.