Friday, May 07, 2010

Rare Gems

Sorry I haven’t been feeding the blog. Two straight weekends away from home have required every thinking-required minute during the week to even pretend I am caught up. Which I finally am. I think.

So to prove that I am still sneezing and wheezing (holy cow, allergy season has GOT to finish up soooooon!) and since I still have 52 minutes of Friday left, I now present to you a little Yarn Pr0n Friday.

Last weekend’s trip was to Maryland Sheep & Wool. I didn’t get a ton of yarn, but I did get some. Oh, and I had good friends to enable me. CelticQueen gave me advance notice that she planned to stand in line at The Fold for potential Rare Gems. And she was kind enough to snag one for me!


This means that I now have STR Rare Gems skeins in Lightweight, Mediumweight and Heavyweight!


This particular skein is Heavyweight


And while the Rare Gems I purchased from the New Year’s Eve online sale are nice, none of those skeins hold a candle to the ones that were selected for me by my friends.


Obviously, it must not be very hard to figure out what colors are going to appeal to me. Turtlegirl (Sock Summit), KnitNat (Rhinebeck ’09) and CelticQueen (MDSW ’10) have all picked total winners.

I have no idea what this skein of Heavyweight will eventually become, but I know I’m gonna love it.



SJ said...

Clearly your friends know you (and your color preferences) well!

Celtic Queen said...

I'm glad it was such a success! Was worried a little about the heavyweight but figured worse case scenario, they'd be pad around the house socks. :)