Thursday, October 15, 2009

Getting a Head Start

I wanted to do a Yarn Pr0n Friday, but the weather has been crap and I don’t have pictures of the yarn I want to feature. I’ll get to it, once the weather breaks (we may have an accumulation of snow by the end of the week. Crazy!)

Meanwhile, I have one last knitted thing to show off in the finishing blitzkrieg of Fall 2009. Before you comment on the color, IT IS A GIFT. Hence the reference to getting a jump on Christmas Knitting 2009.

Yes, I know that we really need to repaint the post for our front light. Maybe next year …

I started this moëbius back in February. It was intended to be a gift from the get-go, and I knew that moëbius knitting would be perfect for down-time and car knitting while I was on the pair of tournament trips for the ex-job at the end of February/start of March. I was right.

If you have not tried knitting a moëbius, I highly recommend it! They can be as simple or complex as you want, and they’re just plain cool. Yes, I do want to be Cat Bordhi when I grow up. Why do you ask?

Derf modeled this moëbius under protest. He said it’s a girly color. Then he growled at me.

The yarn is a single-ply silk/wool blend that had been hanging around the store for quite a while. I got it on sale and am going to be able to return one of the skeins (assuming I can find it). It’s going to be a gift for my best friend’s sister. JC lives in Florida, so this will be more a fashion statement than a scarf. I’ve never met her, so I’m hoping she likes it. I know pink is a favorite color, and she raved about the scarf I sent for her two years ago, so fingers crossed and all that. Meanwhile, it’s finished!


JC’s Moëbius

Pattern: Used Cat Bordhi’s Treasury of Magical Knitting (and her YouTube video for the moëbius cast-on) as a reference, then knit Fibonacci “stripes” of stockingette/reverse stockingette
Yarn: Karen’s Kolorways Silk/Merino (50/50 single ply)
Source: Bloomin Yarns
Needles: US 9/5.5 mm
Started: 23 February 2009
Finished: 5 October 2009
Notes: This was abandoned in favor of shinier projects for pretty much the entire summer, but finished within a week after I picked it back up.


Bezzie said...

How nice are you? Knitting for people you've never even met! I love my sisters but I sure wouldn't knit anything for the BFs! Hee hee!

Sarah said...

Bezzie is absolutely right -- you are one amazing knitter to knit for someone you've never met! (And if she doesn't like it, I'll be happy to take it off your hands!)

turtlegirl76 said...

I'm with Bezzie. I might say I'd do it but then I'd put it off and then hope that they eventually forgot anything was mentioned. =P

I need to make a moebius. I love that one. The fibonacci stripes look very cool!

Jenn said...

You = AWESOME. :)

Zonda said...

Hehe...I was wondering who it was for ;) It looks so soft and squishy! Go you on finishing stuff, anymore to do?

Jen said...

I was shocked when I saw that color on your blog. :) Very pretty!