Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More Boring Than Paint Drying

Hi! Absolutely nothing interesting is going on in my life, hence the blog silence. But it’s Wednesday! So I’ll show you what I’m working on.


Last Thursday, I started working on the Big Thaw pullover for the Hubster. It has been zipping right along. I’m now four skeins of Cuzco into the sweater and I need to make Hubster try it on (again) to check length. I’ll probably throw the current live stitches on scrap yarn and start on sleeves at Hurricane Knitters tonight.

I’m working off of the KnitScene Fall 2008 version of the pattern, and the instructions for the stitch motif on the front are eight kinds of jacked up. I’m hoping that the reprint in the current IK Holiday Knits is actually correct. (so other knitters won't be baffled by the instructions like I was)


In other news, the Ripple sock has been sitting around being envious of Big Thaw. I’ve barely gotten anything done on it, but there has actually been minimal progress.

I’ve been doing a decent amount of sewing, but nothing worth including in this venue. Pumpkinstein just needs the binding hand-sewn and it’s ready to be on my wall. Maybe I’ll get there later this week! Meanwhile, Happy Hump Day, and I hope you’re having a great week!


Donna Lee said...

Kinda blah around here, too. I think it's a result of all the rain and greyness. I hate it when patterns are that messed up. I'm not experienced enough to know it's the pattern and I blame myself.

Sarah said...

Glad to know I'm not the only one whose life is boring. Actually, that's not true. Life has been crazy, but not with anything interesting.

You're zipping right along on that sweater! I certainly hope yours turns out better than mine. I mean, it turned out okay, but it looks kind of like a potato sack on Jon. I think he has weird arms.

Jenn said...

I'm going to be starting a sweater for Tom soon and Big Thaw was going to be one of the possibilities, thanks for the warning about the stitch motif!

Bezzie said...

Wow you rock making that light colored man sweater. If I did that, I know hub would love it, but my luck he'd stain it the first time he wore it! Ha ha!