Thursday, October 29, 2009

Going Bowling

I’ve heard and seen much about yarn bowls on the internets. I even know a certain Turtle who is a bit obsessed with them.

Personally, I love ceramics almost as much as I love woodwork (and the fiber-ey stuff), but I’d never found a “yarn bowl” that really made me sit up and take enough notice to bust out my wallet.

Here’s where Dave comes in. I’ve mentioned his blog here and there over the years. He’s a jaw-droppingly talented artist who still dabbles in quilting or knitting on rare occasion while currently throwing himself completely into his new weaving habit. (drool)

Last week, he posted about a Kyle William yarn bowl he had acquired. As always, Dave took amazing photographs of his newest toy. And mentioned that it had even seduced him into knitting for the first time in ages, just to get more usage out of the bowl.

I made the mistake of hopping over to Kyle’s etsy shop (you’re safe. He’s currently sold out of these bowls). And discovered that the last cast aluminum bowl in the shop really appealed to me. Here’s that particular listing. I had a paypal balance from some recent stash sales, so I took the plunge. It arrived on Monday. Wow.


Because I looked at pictures rather than reading the description carefully, it was a pleasant surprise to see the purple tinges in the glaze on my cast aluminum bowl.


One of my favorite features is that because this bowl is not ceramic, I can use a binder clip (provided! How cool is that?!) to trap the working yarn in the bowl’s notch. Which makes the bowl function perfectly even when it is below the level of my needles (which it almost always is), but unlike the beautiful but non-functional-for-me Carolina Yarn Bells, you aren’t locked in to having the yarn inside the bowl if your project is going to leave your house.


The thing is just plain gorgeous and is indistinguishable from its ceramic counterparts


Of course, now that I’ve been seduced into the world of yarn bowls, I now have my eye on a KnitWitch bowl or two. Can you guess which ones? (those last two links are spoilers, but I do like the 2nd one better)


Kaye said...

That's a pretty bowl!

Sarah said...

Very cool! I never would have guessed it wasn't ceramic.

Dave Daniels said...

Wow, your bowl looks fantastic. The purple tones are beautiful.
Ok, off to check out your other links...