Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2011 In Review

Ahh, yes. Time to look back at the year that was.

As I created this photo-mosaic, it became very clear very quickly that I didn’t get much done during the first half of the year. Really, only those first four pictures are of things that were finished before July 4. And if the blanket hadn’t been done in a class, there would have only been three things finished during the first six months.

The first six months of the year saw me really and truly buried with freelance writing assignments. And colds. I was sick four times last winter, with the last bout in early April forcing me to call in sick for my shift at the yarn store. You know you’re really sick when you can’t get out of bed to go play with yarn.

When you live in Freelance Land, lots of work is good. But too much work isn't great either. I had far too many days where I woke up in the morning, wrote like a madwoman, took a few breaks for meals and went to bed. Weeks went by without me having any time to touch my crafts, and that's not good for anybody.

The summer months were less productive than I would have liked thanks to the the ongoing renovations at my house. The sewing area was boxed up and moved out of the way to accommodate the installation of a new air conditioner, new ductwork to go along with it, and various and assorted electrical work to accommodate the changes we made to our house. It was a disruptive summer, but we still adore our contractor (and architect!) and are beyond happy with the finished project, so there is absolutely no question that all the upset was worth it.

The finished list of projects include three pairs of socks, three quilts, five weaving projects, a pair of mittens, three toys, two shawls, two sweaters, a hat, and a cowl. Oh, and a house.

Enjoy this little trip down memory lane:


1. Northman Mittens II, 2. Bunny Rabbit, 3, Cleopatra’s Socks, 4. Double Weave Blanket,
5. Margarethe, 6. Oakland Shawl, 7. Softball Socks 2011, 8. Bagstopper #5, 9. Rep Weave Mug Rugs, 10. Dishtowels, 11. Rep Weave Placemats, 12. Copper Collage, 13. Squares Quilt,
14. Penn State Fibonacci Stripes Blanket, 15. Kogarashi Sweater, 16. McHenry,
17. Annabella’s Cowl, 18. Jerry, the Musical Monkey, 19. Steelers Hat, 20. Holidazed III,
21 & 22. Mary’s Quilts, 23. House Renovation.


Donna Lee said...

It was still a prolific year for you and there's a nice variety of projects. Imagine what you could do if you didn't have that pesky job!

Sarah said...

You may have not completed a lot quantity-wise, but the quality is definitely there! I hope that this year you get a good balance of work and play (actually, I hope we all do!).

Jenn said...

Better to finish fewer high-quality things that you love than many piece of crap projects that you hated. :)