Thursday, May 03, 2012


Last year, we pretty much ignored the yard. Let the grass burn out in the summer, didn’t do more than basic maintenance on the beds around two sides of the house, didn’t do anything about replacing mulch or cleaning up the edging. With all the renovations on the back of the house, it just didn’t make a lot of sense to put extra effort into landscaping that was going to be trampled and/or trashed. So this year, with a little help from a Facebook plea for help that came up with a gold-star landscaper, we have a great-looking house.


The beds were cleaned up last week and finished on Monday. They look spectacular.


The plants on this side (of the front door) don’t seem to grow as well, probably because they catch a lot of shade from the big tree. We moved the sprinkler head that finished under the stairs for the deck, and all parties agreed that trying to grow grass under those same stairs didn’t make a whole lot of sense, so we decided on landscaping fabric with gravel on top for that space.


We’ll be spraying and over-seeding the lawn over the next few weeks. Then we’ll definitely be off the hook as Neighborhood Slackers. I love our awesome house! And, finally, I’ll be headed to Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival tomorrow (Friday) and will be there both days. If it’s as hot as forecasted, I’ll probably be wearing this hat and definitely be carrying this bag:


Now where the heck did I put my Ravelry name badge?


SJ said...

The landscaping looks great! Landscaping is one of those things that I don't like to spend time on but can appreciate when it's done really well. We tend to outsource that job at our house! ;-)

I'm sure I'll see you at some time this weekend. Have a safe trip down!

Donna Lee said...

It looks beautiful and welcoming.

I'll look for the hat and bag on Saturday. We'll be there early (my daughter has to work Sat nite so we have to be home for that).