Monday, May 07, 2012

Maryland Sheep and Wool 2012: The Sights

I had a wonderful time at the Festival this past weekend. I did a terrible job of taking pictures of the people I saw. And I saw lots of people! Friends old and new, Plurk peeps I hadn’t met before and I had a new experience – for the first time, I walked around the festival with a friend almost the entire two days! I’d spent time walking around with friends at various points in previous years, but this time I walked around with my friend Dianne almost the whole time. It was great! There was plenty to see. It’s just easier to show you in pictures.


As always, Saturday was the busier day.


There were plenty of animals. Bunnies…





Of course, there were sheep!



And some of them were even walking along the midway


The sheep dog demos are always fun to watch


And, the Sheep to Shawl competition has become a definite Do Not Miss for me.


That is my friend Michelle, the weaver for the winning team, Friends Through Fiber. If she looks a little familiar, it’s because she’s the one that made the amazing handspun double weave blanket in my Double Weave class at The Mannings last summer. Tomorrow, I’ll show you what I bought. Believe it or not, I topped out at one skein of yarn. That’s right. One.

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Donna Lee said...

I only bought one small bag of locks to spin and a jumbo flyer for my wheel (and a corn broom but that's my husband's indulgence).

I was there on Saturday and yes, it was crowded but fun. I learned way more than I needed about artificial insemination of sheep. Way more.