Wednesday, May 16, 2012

WiP Wednesday

So my poor I.B. Footsie sock is dying of neglect. Why? Shortly after purchasing my shiny awesome Signature needle, I cast on for a Color Affection/Affliction/Infection shawl. It’s kind of perfect mindless or multitasking knitting (reading! I love my e-reader!), so it’s been getting my knitting time.


I like it, and I’m going to keep going. But I’ve definitely come to the conclusion that I should probably have thought about my yarn choices a little more. The blue and purple are both pretty much the same value, and don’t contrast as much as I’d like.


Do you see it? How about now?


And yeah, if I’d really thought about it and not been in such a hurry to pick yarn before I went to Maryland, I would have caught it.


Yeah. Don’t be like me. Take your time picking your yarns for Color Affection. THEN you can enjoy the hell out of knitting it. You’re welcome.


Peggy said...

I went with light gray, purple, and a golden yellow specifically because I wanted high color ka-POW!!! Of course, I haven't gotten to the stripy part yet, but you should have heard the 'Oooo's at knitting when I pulled out the yellow...

Jenn said...

It is pretty, but it's amazing how the black & white photo helps clarify the value differences (or lack thereof). I am seeing so many of these shawls - it sounds like fun!

Hev said...

I am sorry, but I love the colors you choose. I like the play of similar values in colors. I think it is beautiful.