Wednesday, May 09, 2012

WiP Wednesday

I got very little knitting done while traveling to and from MDSW last weekend. I didn’t touch anything while waiting around in lines (actually, I didn’t really wait in any lines, either!), but I did do a little bit in the evenings during the week and at the hotel. I.B. Footsie is still chugging along. It has a heel flap and a turned heel. Just needs to get back in the round and I’ll be done in no time.
My LYS is doing a Color Affection KAL. Yes, it’s a pattern that’s going viral, but it has no holes and I was able to use mostly stash yarn, so I figure it’s a WIN! I did a little swatching on Friday, but started it on Saturday night on my brand-new Signature Needles.
I started the colorwork section last night and I didn’t think it was showing up enough in that “big” photo, so here’s a close-up.
Color Affection is great “doing other things” knitting, so it’s getting some good progress while I read or do other stuff. Love having a project like that on the needles.

Oh, and it’s official. I hate the new Blogger set-up. Grrr …


SJ said...

I started a sock on the way down to Maryland specific to work on while standing around or sitting. I got the pattern started while waiting for dinner on Friday night but then didn't touch it at all on Saturday despite carrying it around with me all day. I guess we were struck with the same lack of mojo!

I know everyone and their sister is knitting Color Affection right now, but I'm going to jump on the bandwagon, too. I bought at kit at Miss Babs on Sunday and will cast on as soon as the toddler sweater is done.

Donna Lee said...

Those colors are great together! I don't understand the appeal of this particular pattern but then I'm probably the only one on the planet who didn't like the clapotis either.

And I'm not fond of the new blogger set up either. It's a pita to use.

floribunda said...

I love your little tote bag with the socks fabric -- will have to look for that!