Tuesday, April 29, 2008


It’s been a long time since I put together a real blog post. A recap?

To once again quote an all-time great movie

Let me ‘splain … No. There is too much. Let me sum up …

• I woke up at 4 am one week ago tomorrow (Wednesday) and almost never got out of bed all day. Thursday was only marginally better. Friday, I was vertical for most of the day, but had a relapse on Friday afternoon while shopping in my mother’s closet for the hospital’s Harlequin Ball. I managed to recover sufficiently to attend the dinner to its conclusion.

• I tried to work at Bloomin’ on Saturday. I made it down there at noon and was shot by 2:15. Pathetic. Came home and slept for three hours.

• I stayed awake all day on Sunday. Major moral victory.

• I did not sew or knit a stitch between last Tuesday night and Sunday night. I have the shoulder seams sewn together on the side-to-side vest and I found really nice buttons for it at Bloomin’ before I got sick

• My sock knitting has been Cables & Corrugations from New Pathways. It has been smarter than me for much of the last week, including a day or two before I was sick. It took until this afternoon to figure out precisely what I need to do to marry the master numbers that fit my foot/gauge to the pattern. I’ve done this on several other socks I’ve knit out of this book, it was just tougher than usual on this particular pattern.

• No matter what you are supposed to be eating/drinking when you’re sick (the doc told me to drink Gatorade. Ick.), you want what your mom gave you when you were sick when you were a kid. For me?

Yep. Ginger ale and pretzel rods. Has to be Canada Dry. Has to be pretzel rods. Can’t be twists or any other shape.

• When you’re supposed to be potassium-loading but you hate bananas? Orange juice is surprisingly high in potassium!

• When I came down with the evil bug, the cherry tree in my neighbor’s backyard and the flowering tree in SuperNeighbor’s yard across the street were both flowering and awesome. And the leaves where just coming in on the maple trees over our hill. When I became vertical again? I can no longer see the street across the gully and both the cherry tree and SuperNeighbor’s tree had moved along to leaves.

• We do, however, have this cool-looking tree in our front yard. It’s just starting to switch to leaves

• I played with both neighbor dogs today. You’ve seen plenty of “my” puppy, Sidney. Here’s Mia, the full-grown black lab who lives in the other house next door.

• Must call Landscaping Dude. It’s getting scary.

• Damn good thing I was “recovered” in time for Monday. I easily had 300 incoming emails between lunch and 6 pm on Monday and the volume has only slowed a little bit since then. And can I just tell you how utterly fed up I am with people who DIDN’T READ any of the snail-mail or half-dozen email reminders they received and missed a deadline as a result? And now want special dispensation so they can play too now that they’ve missed the damn deadline? BE A GROWN-UP. ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY.

• Let’s Go Pens!

So that’s about it from here. Hope your last week or so has been equally eventful, but not as painful. That stomach bug was a bitch.


Trillian42 said...

1. Yay for the Princess Bride quote.

2. I'm glad you are finally feeling better.

3. I can only drink ginger ale when I'm sick. Because I lived on ginger ale and popsicles when I was sick as a kid. :D

turtlegirl76 said...

Ginger Ale is better than drugs. Yup. I'm on board with that. And I approve of pretzels too.

I'm so sorry you were feeling so sick! Gah! I'm glad you're feeling better. Hope you're still well for this weekend!

Jenn said...

I tried ginger ale when I had a stomach bug last year. Couldn't do it. Went running back to the open arms of Gatorade.

I hate it when patterns are smarter than me!

floribunda said...

yes, definitely Canada Dry ginger ale. And chicken rice soup. Pretzels sound good but that wasn't our "habit". Someone told me a few years ago that she survived her continual pregnancy morning sickness by eating nothing but bagels -- so that's now my go-to food for upset stomachs! Glad you're feeling better now.

Sarah said...

The way I see it, after such a spectacularly bad week, I think you're going to get a fantastic week this week!

Your sick-time diet sounds more fun than mine ever was as a kid -- dry toast and plain, unsweetened tea. I could deal with the toast, but I'm a tea-with-lots-and-lots-of-milk kind of girl. The no milk is what always drove me crazy.

Hope to see you tonight!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you've had a tough week! Glad to know you're doing better. I was also of the ginger-ale-and-pretzel-rod-when-sick parentage. That and a bucket next to the oouch, "just in case".