Saturday, June 30, 2007

After the Packing comes the UN!

You will have to pardon me as my blog continues to be hijacked by the hijinks of moving.

After getting to the ‘Burgh at about 3:30 pm on Thursday, I promptly took a nap until Chris got home from work. We went to dinner, he got a haircut, and I went to bed early.

Up at 7:15 on Friday morning. I got dressed (must have been tired … I walked around for the first four hours of my day with my gym shorts on backwards. *sigh*) then Chris dropped me off at Eisenhower (our house … that’s kinda weird) where my car was parked. I emptied said car of all the crap that you have seen in there for the last week or so. Then I went to get a haircut.

When I got back, the Verizon guy was deep in the woods pulling the cables for our FiOS internet. Woo-Hoo! We have official non-stolen wireless at home. Fire up! While he finished doing what he needed to do, I started chipping away at the kitchen, then came back to my parents house and took a nap.

I didn’t take any photos yesterday, so here are some “getting started” photos from this morning

Here’s the stack-o-boxes when we started today. RT in the foreground. Chris trying to hide in the back.

The whole back third of the living room was empty boxes. Chris spent all day getting this stuff wrangled and everything was broken down by the end of the day.

This is RT hangin’ in the chandelier in the dining room. Personally, I like it. Mom and Chris have both floated the idea of taking it out and replacing with box lights in the ceiling. Opinions? Fire away!

Another dining room shot. This room was empty by the end of the day.

Here was an early-day shot of the kitchen. We got some Cascade from my parents house and ran the dishwasher, then went to look for washer/dryers. Mom gave away the dryer when they moved out. So now we need at least a dryer and will probably just buy a pair of something. This was right after the shopping (shopping, no buying yet) expedition.

I’ve been drinking out of this cup ever since I unpacked it. There are probably two people still in my life who will recognize this cup. Unfortunately, I don’t think either of them reads the blog. Oh well. RT and I thought it was funny. Plus, I remember that night, and it was FUN!!! Three cheers for Sub-Pub!

And here’s RT listening to RTv1. We got into vol. 2 later in the day, but the computer is it for music source right now. Of course, I need to get that music onto my iPod, but that requires the other laptop, which is at Eisenhower and I’m at my parents house still. Maybe tomorrow.

These cabinets were pretty much the first thing I got finished. Hubster just shook his head at me when he noticed what I was doing. Hey, I thought it was funny. There is a third set of glass-front cabinets to the left of what is pictured, but there’s almost nothing in there right now.

And here’s the kitchen at the end of the day. Now we just need food!

We have been wrangled into filling two empty seats at a fundraiser dinner tomorrow night, so it will be a short unpacking day. Don’t know if I’ll have much of a blog update for a few days, since I’m stuck sitting on a golf course all day Monday (not playing. Working. Not that I play golf. I don’t)

Might get to the Lake in time for the 4th. I haven’t really decided what I want to do about that yet. Still have some time. Be patient with the lack of knitting and quilting content. Until I’m living in the same house as my stuff, I’m not convinced there will be a lot of either knitting or quilting. Since most of you have asked for pics of the new digs, hopefully this will satisfy.

PS, Bill, if you're still reading, I wore the new short-sleeve OM t-shirt today. Love it! :)


Lisa said...

Chandelier must go... that's my vote.

carol said...

I agree
Miss you!