Saturday, June 09, 2007

Celebrity Bus Tours!

Yeah, the move was yesterday, but I don’t have the energy to take the “after” pictures, so you'll just have to wait.

Sleep-wise, I may as well have been quilting last night. Got home after midnight, but it was SO FUN!

Nonie, Sandy and I went to see A Prairie Home Companion at the Greek Theater last night. We got there plenty early and queued up for our basket dinner. Roaming Tigger joined us, and since we had to buy the dinners in multiples of two, so he had his own serving.

Sandy (left), Nonie (right) and I enjoyed our dinners as well, and the setting was awesome. Highly recommend!

After we ate, we filed in to the theater. Wow! What a great setting!

We were pretty much at the BACK of the theater. As in the very last row of chair-backs with only three rows of bleachers behind us.

Still, it’s a radio show after all, so being able to see isn’t the biggest deal.

The start of the show was a little rough. The house sound system was tooooo low. You could hear Garrison when he was singing, but as soon as he started to talk? It was like the teacher from Charlie Brown.

Anyone who has tried to tape record someone with a low voice knows that it can be impossible to hear on playback. We were a full 15 minutes into the real show before the volume was up high enough to hear the show.

The celebrity guests were fantastic. Randy Newman. Paula Poundstone and Martin Sheen, in his radio acting debut.

All in all, a fantastic night was had by all. Big thanks to the LA Fire Department for saving that amazing venue from the recent fires in Griffith Park, and I hope you enjoy the show when it airs on your local NPR affiliate this weekend. Oh, and if you listen, then the headline of this post will make sense!

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