Friday, June 08, 2007

Moving Day!

The movers show up in about half an hour, so this is the calm before the storm. After perusing yesterday's comments, here are my responses.

Yes, I'm "sweater girl." I plan to start chipping away on the evil finishing portion of the program once I move and get my life back.

Oh, and I finished the front of the alpaca V-neck last night and executed the magic 3-needle bind-off. Yay! Baxter wanted to see, so he jumped into the photo:

I am also still chipping away .... slooooowly ... on the Koigu Jaywalkers. They are my traveling knitting, living in my little knitting bag so I can get a round in whenever I have a minute or two, which isn't very often these days. Derf is modeling the sock in progress, which is about halfway through the foot.

Derf and Bax are now hiding in the closet, since they're afraid that otherwise they might get green tags on their noses. Tags are only for Truck Bears, and they are Car Bears ... those two, plus Bear, will ride shotgun with me as a I traverse the country in two weeks.

Just about everything I own has one of these on it.

Gotta move the car and brace for the upcoming adventure. PHC tonight. Woo-Hoo! :)


SJ said...

Enjoy PHC (I'm quite jealous, sounds like a good time!) and safe travels for you, Hubster, the bears, and all the stuff!

Will you be back in the 'Burgh in time to meet us at our next knit night (6/20)?

SJ said...

Oh, and those Jaywalkers are looking smashing, thanks for showing 'em off!