Thursday, June 07, 2007

WiP into Thursday

I'm exhausted, as evidenced by the accidental cross-post from Tuesday.

The driver for our moving company came this morning and pre-tagged 95% of our belongings for tomorrow's big day. We had someone come look at the house again today (traffic has been way up over the last 10 days or so since we dropped the price).

I loathe my work PC, am itching to be on my kick-ass MBP full-time, and will buy all the software I need for it next week.

I keep thinking that the "sleep in for a week" period of my life is just around the corner. I am beginning to wonder how long the hallway is before I get to the corner.

Tomorrow night, Sandy, Nonie and I are headed for PHC at the Greek Theater. I'm really excited for the outing. Saturday is going to be a wall-to-wall Pirates day for the hubster and I. We're going to go see the movie at Downtown Disney, then we're going to go to the Mouse House and have dinner at the restaurant that's inside of the Pirates ride.

Sunday is my softball banquet and the Hubster starts driving Monday morning. I may just collapse from exhaustion at that point.

I promised the following post yesterday, but since the post in which I made that promise wound up on the wrong blog .... well, here it is anyway. Turtlegirl did a kick-ass WiP It Wednesday, so go enjoy that while you're at it.

We shall proceed from least finished to most finished. This list only represents the projects that were left "live" following massive packing day. We shall not discuss the stuff I bought on Sunday at Beach Knitting, or the stuff that is in the many boxes that will go on the truck tomorrow.

Project: V-Neck Pullover (Sweater Wizard pattern)
Yarn: Misti Alpaca Worsted Weight (variegated)
Needle: Lantern Moon circs, 24", US7 (i think)
Started: Geez, I suck at this part. Some time between March 22 and 29, based off of my blog archives.
Status: Back is finished and awaiting the 3-needle bind-off. Front is mostly done. This is my primary evening knitting. I loves me some stockingette when I just need to unwind.

Project: I can picture the booklet it's in, and the picture of the black model wearing the pink sweater. But can I get my thoughts to tell you what pattern that actually is? HELL NO!
Yarn: Misti Alpaca Chunky in a beautiful teal
Needle: Lantern Moon circ, 24", US10 (i think)
Started: Probably about a year ago
Status: Front and back finished, joined with 3-needle bind-off and waiting for neck to be picked up. Sleeve #1 knit to shoulder shaping. Yarn for sleeve #2 in aforementioned boxes.

Project: It's out of the Nancy Bush/Interweave Knits sweater recipe book. Looky.
Yarn: Classic Elite "wings"
Needle: US8
Status: Both sleeves are done. Back is done and awaiting 3-needle bind off. Front is done up to neck shaping.

Project: Sweater Wizard pattern for a deep V-neck, based off of my friend Beth's really cool sweater.
Yarn: Dark purple is Classic Elite Wool BamBoo. Don't really recommend it. Light purple is really old 127 that was from a friend of a friend.
Needle: You're kidding, right? Perhaps I should have had my patterns with me when I did this.
Started: *sob*
Status: As of Sunday at about 2 pm, all this puppy needs is armpit seams and ends woven in. It went in a box today (with the teal sweater) and will be seen again before fall.

Project: KnitPicks Slipper Socks
Yarn: Knit Picks Memories in Yukon colorway (highly recommend)
Needle: Whatever the pattern said
Status: Totally knitted. Awaiting felting, then I have to sew on the non-felted cuffs that are already knit and in a tub with my few remaining "live" projects.

Project: Fuzzy Feet.
Yarn: Cascade 220
Needle: US10, 16" circ
Status: Just need to felt the damn things.

So there you have it. A small cross-section of my WiP's. (That's Works In Progress). I will now head home and do as much work as I can to be ready for tomorrow. Wish me luck!


turtlegirl76 said...

Wow. You have a lot of BIG projects going. So, never mind when you started them, when are you planning on finishing them?

SJ said...

Damn, girl, you are a sweater machine! I don't think I could have more than one sweater going at a time or I'd get nowhere on any one of them.

Not to bring up a potentially touchy subject, but what ever happened to the Koigu Jaywalkers? Are they still a WIP or did they get frogged?