Thursday, June 07, 2007

Slow Progress

EDITOR'S NOTE: My blogger account has two blogs on it ... a private non-crafty group and HPWT. I posted this to the wrong blog on Tuesday. I hang my head in shame ...

Hi there! I know I've mentioned that I enjoy traveling but hate packing. I didn't realize that my grumpyness with the packing process would multiply with the process of packing the house.

The first few weeks weren't bad. We had the huge pack-fest about a month ago that was scary-productive and had huge visible results. We've packed little chunks of rooms and things as we've gone along.

On Saturday, we spent the whole day getting that last 15-20% of packing finished. I spent the entire day in the kitchen, packing. I spent about two hours in the bathroom (lots of cabinets in there) packing last night. Ugh.

Both of those projects did not yield ANY visible results, since all the stuff that was being packed had previously lived in cabinets. Looks the same after as it did before. No instant gratification. Ick.

But, I did have fun quilting on Friday night at Sandy's house. Most of us were working on our M&Ms blocks, and since those are going to be a surprise for Anne, I can't post any photos since I know she reads this. Sorry! ;-) Here's the best of the rest:

Carol was working on some log cabin blocks that are some sort of kit through one of the local quilt stores. Pretty! See?

Sandy revealed a quilt top that was a kit of some sort.

Personally, I did all the planning and trimming for a T-shirt quilt that I'm bound and determined to finish before I leave Los Angeles. Please wish me luck. Please. I need it!

I'm going to take some pics tonight so I can join in on Turtlegirl's WIP Wednesday challenge. Should be interesting!

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