Friday, June 22, 2007

Farewell Tour

Well, the anticipated FO didn't get F'd and won't until I get to Pittsburgh.

Instead, RT and I will entertain you with our final few exploits here in LaLaLand.

On Tuesday, we were invited to dinner at the home of a very good friend in Seal Beach. She made spaghetti and meatballs, complete with garlic bread that had actual garlic on it. RT managed to not get any of the tomato sauce in his fur, which is a good thing.

After dinner, we took a walk down to the water while said friend did a little work.

RT liked the beach. The water was the perfect temperature for a swim, but we just got our paws (and jeans) a little wet standing on the edge of the surf.

Talk about a great location. Friend's digs are indicated by the yellow arrow. Awesome!

Yesterday (Wednesday), we took another field trip with Lori, who took us to the Zoo on Monday. This time, Lori and I went to the Huntington Library and I took her to lunch at the Tea Room. Partly because it is awesome and partly because I'm a rotten friend and forgot her birthday. Even when she parked herself in my office THAT DAY and complained that she was having a lousy day. I suck.

Tigger started wearing his sticker on his nose, but it started to itch, so he let me wear it instead.

After we enjoyed tea, we went over to check out my favorite part of the Huntington grounds, the Japanese Garden. Isn't it awesome?

That's it for our Los Angeles field trips. After this blogging break, I'm going to do the bulk of car packing, then do a little laundry and get to bed. Tomorrow, it's one final stop at Beach Knitting, a trip to the office to turn in my keys, etc., and then off to see some quilting friends one last time before I crash at my aunt's house. for the night. I have been very lucky to have family in the area while living in Los Angeles. Thanks, Janet! :)

I managed to get rid of both the desk and the couch. Three cheers for CraigsList!

A side note:
I just called the last credit card company to change my address and notify them of my impending cross-country drive. While the guy on the other end of the line did recognize that my new/old street is named after a former President of the United States, he did ask the following questions:

I mention that I will be driving for approximately the next week:
Q: Will you be driving your automobile on this trip?
A: That's usually what I drive!

I tell him that I'll be driving from California to Pennsylvania:
Q: When will you return to the United States?
A: I wasn't planning to leave the United States!

I mean, I know he's probably working off of a script, but COME ON!!!

I hope to blog the drive. Wish me luck! :)

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SJ said...

Did I miss the memo? Has Pennsylvania seceded from the Union?