Monday, June 11, 2007

Weekend Wrap

The weekend started off with a bang, as Sandy, Nonie and I visited Lake Woebegone and the fun of A Prairie Home Companion.

Saturday was all Pirates, all the time.

Hubster and I went to Downtown Disney and saw Pirates of the Caribbean 3. After the movie, we went into Disneyland and tried to ride Autopia.

Unfortunately, like every other car-related thing in Los Angeles, they had a MAJOR traffic jam. No cars or people in line moving for at least half an hour. Ugh.

So we bailed.

We wandered over to Frontierland and watched a good chunk of the fireworks, then showed up for our dinner reservations at the Blue Bayou. Wow. We had wanted to do this for quite a while, and boy am I glad that we did! The food was fantastic and it was just ... fun.

Today was the softball banquet. As is usual, I cried through a good chunk of the damn thing. *sigh* That's me. The cryer.

Still, it was a good day, and among the wonderful words and cards that came my way, the coolest thing that I can show you is this:

Two of our really cool uber-fans got these amazing bears for our seniors last year. Once the "world" knew I was leaving, the word got back to them and they got a bear for me! The girls have their name on the back and uniform number on the front. The #8 on my bear's letterman jacket (his name is Joe, as in Joe Bruin) is for the eight years I have worked with the softball team here.

I'm exhausted and the hubster starts his drive in the morning. Here begins my 12 days of camping in our still unsold house. I'll try to do the moving recap tomorrow.

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