Monday, June 18, 2007

RT visits the Zoo!

Roaming Tigger and I took a long-planned field trip today ... to the Los Angeles Zoo! No pictures of people, just of animals, stuffed and otherwise.

We got a pretty good parking spot and sauntered into the Zoo. Our friend Lori went with us, and since she's a member, we didn't have to stand in line with all of the schmoos.

We saw bears.

RT saw some giraffes.

This was the best photo I took all day. It's amazing how long giraffe tongues are.

That's about it from today. Zoo. Lunch with Puppy (no photos), posted the desk and couch on Craigslist and already have a taker for the desk ... hopefully for the couch in the quite near future. Next field trip is to The Huntington on Wednesday.

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SJ said...

Wow, that giraffe was really mugging for the camera, wasn't he?