Monday, June 16, 2008

All Hail … Hail!

Sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun. And yes, I know I should have.

Today was a slightly slacker-ish day. And kind of a bummer. But that’s OK.

We had some decent-sized storms come through during the end of the U.S. Open. A few thunderstorms, then it backed off.

Around 7, it started again. So being the diligent blogger I am (heh), I whipped out my camera.

Ooh, nifty slanted rain shot (no, not really)

Then, I started hearing the rain change its sound. So RT and I went outside

Hail! I don’t remember the last time I experienced a hail storm.

That’s about it from here. I finished the Leafling socks tonight while we watched this movie, and I’m about to turn the heel on the Softball Socks. I’ll try for a FO-to shoot tomorrow on Leaflings. That is all!


SJ said...

You guys got hail?! We had nothing but a bit of rain. Weird.

The Simpsons was one of the movies they showed on our flight to Munich en route to our honeymoon. I credit it partly with helping me sleep. I think the refrain of "Spider Pig, Spider Pig" was like a lullaby to me (at least in my drugged-up state).

Jen said...

Wow, you really got it bad out your way! I'm sure we had the same as SJ - just a little rain, and a lot of thunder that sent the dog into hiding under any piece of furniture she could wedge herself under. :)

floribunda said...

I can't believe how fast you knit! Thought the Simpsons movie was just about perfect -- DH was in a funky mood that evening and it brought him right around; we laughed a LOT.

Jess said...

Man, that hail looks scary. Was it really as big as it looks in the picture? Or am i imagining things? A little of both perhaps?
Either way, that's pretty cool. I can't remember the last time I experienced hail either.