Tuesday, June 24, 2008

House Tour

I know it’s pathetic, but for the first time in the year we’ve lived here, I feel like the house is in the kind of shape that was reasonable for a photo shoot.

I’m not as organized or efficient as SJ who seems to be ready for public exposure of the new abode just minutes after unpacking the last box. Less than a week after moving day. Sorry, that's just not how I roll! :-)

When you walk in to our front door, here’s your tour, walking clockwise around the house

1. Foyer. Quilt on the wall was made by my favorite quilt teacher out in LA. I hate that bench that you see underneath it, but it came with the Hubster and we don’t have anything better to use right now, so I’ll deal with it. Carpet is inherited from the previous owners. I love both the piece on the left, which is directly in front of you when you walk into the house, and the lamp on top of it.

2. Living Room. Big room that we hardly use. I once did a gymnastics routine in this room when we were getting new carpet. My dad recorded it, but that was the roll of film that got eaten by the processor. Once upon a time when you had to send film to be processed/developed. Yeah. I’m old.

3. Dining Room. I really like this dining room set. It’s also inherited from the previous owners. Boxes along the far wall are trash accumulated during the recent major purge that has happened over the last week or so. Hooray!

4. Kitchen. My mom re-did this room in 1996. It’s great, although the Hubster and I agree that we miss the trash compactor we had in Redondo Beach. But that’s the only thing we miss from California that’s not a person :)

5. View of the Knitting Corner in the TV room. I sit by the ott lite. All those cabinets you see are full of YARN. It’s my primary storage area for the yarny bits.

6. Wide view of the TV room. Yes, that’s Frank Burns on the TV. Love that show! :)

And now, the upstairs!

We'll start at the top of the stairs and kind of work from there.

1. My old room. It’s looking pretty empty, but it was plenty big enough for yours truly and my Mountain of Mess. I’m just sad that having this house on the market for a year before the Hubster and I bought it meant that all of my sticker collection had to be removed from my door. That thing was awesome! (queen size bed for scale)

2. Down the hall and to the left, my brother’s old room. Full-size bed. As you can see, we have plenty of room here at Hotel Hughes. Too bad we don’t have any visitors! This room is on the back-right corner of the house if you’re standing on the street looking at the front door. I take no responsibility for the Hog Hat. It belongs to the Hubster.

3. Back the way we came, this is my office! It’s the front-right corner of the house from the street perspective, and is directly above the TV room. However, since that wall you see is window-free, it can be a really dark room. It’s also farthest from the heating/cooling system, so it tends to be the warmest/coolest spot in the house as well as the darkest. Hubster and I hung all of our sports stuff in this room, so it’s a pretty fun place to work.

4. And you’ve seen this room before, it’s the master bedroom.

So that’s about it from here. I’m headed to the lake in … ooh, about eight hours. I’d best finish wrangling all the crapolla for the upcoming 13 days in my version of paradise.

(The reason we’re presentable now, for the first time? MaidPro! Woot!)


SJ said...

Um, notice how I haven't posted any pictures except for the closet in the fiber room? That means the house is not yet presentable. But we're getting there!

Your house is so clean and tidy! I'm impressed! I take it the cleaning people were up to your standards?

Yvonne said...

I love the house!! I'm jealous, because it's sooooo neat and clean!! :)

crosstoc said...

Woo-Hoo! Love the quilt on your bed. I can't believe you have as much yarn as fabric. Talk to the airlines about their prices! If they were lower you would have company!!!!!!!!
House looks great.

Dave Daniels said...

Oh, yeah! I LOVE that quilt on your bed! The batiks are my favorite. (And, for anyone nosy, I've never BEEN in there, just seen the photos.(

mehitabel said...

Okay, you're inspiring me! I'll try to get my house in shape for a tour, too. Even though we've not actually MOVED anywhere, I think having all our belongings shoved into three giant bins for four months counts!
And, uh, don't discount the possibility of company--if I fire up the Purple People Mover for a cross-sountry trip, you might see it in your driveway!

Jen said...

Oh my gosh - we've been in our house for four years, and it's *still* not presentable enough for photos! :)

Thanks for the house tour!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful home. Thanks for sharing!

Daniele aka mscreate.typepad.com