Saturday, June 21, 2008

Summer of Socks!

Some of you may have noticed the button over there on my sidebar. I’m participating in the 2008 Summer of Socks knit-a-long along with about 1500+ other knitters!

Of course, this meant that I had no socks on the needles yesterday for the three-hour drive up to the Lake. I worked on the Noro Scarf for much of the drive, although I did sneak in a nap while Dad drove. I met my goal and finished my Softball Socks on Thursday night. FO-to shoot when I return home.

We actually had a sunset last night, although it wasn’t much photo-wise. An almost completely cloudless sky.

I did the silly thing and stayed up until midnight so I could cast on for Summer of Socks right at the starting gun (12:01 am EDT). We had a little online chat room going so all the crazies could commiserate.

I found this on VH1 shortly thereafter and stayed up long enough to knit about half of the 2” cuff before heading to bed.

No, I’ve never seen that movie, although I believe we have a copy at home. I’m hoping I can get a lot of movies watched this summer. So far, so good!

Oh, you want to see a photo of my sock-in-progress and Roaming Tigger’s newest friend?

Yep. I got a Little Loopy! He’s smaller than I would have guessed and he’s awfully damn cute.

Hubster and I watched this while I was knitting away this evening. It was OK. I still want to see the original, though. I have a feeling it’ll be better than this version was.

That’s about it from here. It’s raining tonight and I’m not expecting great weather tomorrow. That’s OK. I’m still at the Lake and that’s what matters. :) Hope you’re having a great weekend!


Amy said...

Great looking sock! What yarn is that??

DPUTiger said...

It's Yarn Nerd 950MHz in the Monarch colorway. Part of the Caterpillar Sock kit that Adam just did with Knitspot. Would have replied to you directly but you posted without a link or email address!

Yvonne said...

You have NEVER seen Saturday Night Fever? O>M>G. I am a total addict for that movie. John Travolta...what a howl! I bought the DVD last weekend because I wanted to see it in its original glory -- not in the modified for TV version.

Great sunset pic.

You really haven't seen that movie?? The night Matthew was born, I was up for a feeding and flipping through the channels and it was on. The night nurse checked on all the other new moms, made popcorn, and came in and we stayed up til 3 a.m. watching that.

turtlegirl76 said...

Yay Yarn Nerd! It's looking great! I am not participating with everyone else. Summer started for me a while ago. =P I have 3 pairs of socks going so I'll just keep on keeping on.

SJ said...

Pretty sock!

Jen said...

Whoa - you're making great progress on your first sock!

Daniele said...

Wow, beautiful sunset! And, you are going great on your first sock. I didn't start at midnight, but I woke up at 2:30 a.m. and cast-on. Now I've got one sock done and a little bit of the cuff on a second one. Of course, I can't feel my hand right now.... Good Times!