Friday, June 06, 2008

OKC Wrap-Up

RT and I survived the rest of our stay in Oklahoma City. The softball stuff ended on Tuesday night, so we flew home Wednesday. On three hours of sleep.

So here’s the stuff from our trip that I hadn’t gotten to.

After a full slate of games on Thursday, play on Friday didn’t start until 7 pm local time. So RT and I took a little field trip.

We went to the Gourmet Yarn Company in Oklahoma City!

It was a very nice store, and I got really sucked in by some awesome Fiesta yarns. Three skeins of Boomerang and two (which is one pair’s worth) of Baby Boomerang. Plus the pattern for Green Gable (Rav link)!

Here’s a pic of what we walked away with. It’s a very nice store and if I’d had time I would have taken up the offer to sit and knit on the couches in the back room.

On the way back to the hotel, we saw this

Yep. A helicopter landing right in front of us. At a hospital. Very odd. I’m used to those things landing on the roof of the hospital, not at street level!

Saturday and Sunday were all games all day. You saw what we did on Monday.

But as long as I’m talking softball

So when the College World Series starts in a week or two you’ll see the huuuge baseball statue that’s in front of Rosenblatt Stadium. Here’s the statue in front of Hall of Fame Stadium in OKC.

OK, so there’s a “full-sized” replica across the parking lot in front of the actual Hall of Fame, but still! I couldn’t resist putting RT in that photo so you could see the puny scale of this photo.

Tuesday afternoon, we went to the Oklahoma City National Memorial. I have visited several times previously, so we did a slow loop around the outdoor memorial

After that, we went into the museum, which was well-done. I had been before, so I skipped some things that I remembered from last time.

The new federal building is open on the diagonal corner from the museum. It looks like a very nice building.

Oh, and on the way back to the hotel? I got a great drive-by shot of the Oklahoma State Capitol building. Total luck

After the game ended on Tuesday night, I was able to change our flight so we could get out at 7:10 am. Which meant that when I got back to the hotel at midnight, I had an hour’s worth of getting my crap together and wound up only getting about three hours of sleep.

We had a connection

In the city of my favorite former residence (the Twin Cities are truly awesome. I really enjoyed living there!)

Then we got home.

And everything you need to know about the ‘Burgh, you can find out upon landing at Greater Pitt.

We like to brag about our history. Did you know that General Washington (that’s our founding father George, in case you were curious) commanded his first army in Pittsburgh? It was after General Braddock was killed in battle.

We like older history too. Like prehistoric. Dinosaurs. I am still hoping to make it to the new dinosaur exhibit at The Carnegie.

Oh, and we get pretty jacked up at our sports too. Franco Harris (heh ... Wikipedia uses a pic of this same statue)! Immaculate Reception!

Yeah, we love our Pens too, but Football is and always will be king.

I have bunches of other stuff to blog, but I’m getting sleepy and have to work all day at Blomin' tomorrow. Have a great weekend!


turtlegirl76 said...

That's neat that it worked out you'd have the daytime to check out the city and the evening for work. Makes it worth having a traveling job, eh? Yay Boomerang and Baby Boom!

SJ said...

Nice souvenirs you picked up there!

Is it weird that those statues at the airport kind of creep me out?