Sunday, June 01, 2008

Bored in OKC

I've just been sitting through an 85-minute weather delay in Oklahoma City. We had lightning. that was 40 miles away. And moving at the speed of frozen molasses.

Oh, and it was JUST lightning. No rain, no anything else. We have six outs to go.

Trip has been good so far, although my Bruins were eliminated tonight. Very, very sad.

RT borrowed my wallet on Friday. Got some fun stuff. I'll share later. Otherwise, all sports and just a little bit of knitting. Thankfully, I have a plain vanilla sock knitting away during all these delays.

Once I get through tomorrow (well, today. It is technically Sunday already) there should be some down time for pictures and knitting and crap. I will have three days where my whole day is free. I hope to visit the National Cowboy Hall of Fame and Museum one day, the Oklahoma City National Memorial one day, and I don't know what on the third day. We shall see.

Have a great rest of the weekend, everyone! Oh, and just in case ... GIG 'EM AGGIES and ROLL TIDE!


Jenn said...

Tom would say something here, being the weather geek that he is, that 40 miles is plenty close enough for somebody to get struck. We were supposed to get storms here yesterday and it was perfectly sunny all day.

Mom2B said...

Roll Tide?!!! Come on!! Go Sun Devils!! I'm with you on the Aggies though.:)

Enjoy the Memorial but bring Kleenex. It is so moving.

I miss you my firend- especially during WCWS time.