Monday, June 30, 2008

Hijacked by a Sunset

So I was totally planning to do a Caterpillar Socks finished object post tonight.

Then Mother Nature intervened.

You see, we’ve been hearing rumors that there’s this giant star that heats the earth and occasionally creates something called “sunshine.” But we really haven’t been seeing any of it.

Unless you count the last 45 minutes or so before it goes away for about eight or 10 hours.

The last three nights, we have been overcast and/or had major storms for most of the day. Then in the last hour or so before the sun goes down, there’s this great break in the clouds on the horizon. And we have a sunset.

So here’s the photo mosaic of my best shots from tonight. It was pretty damn spectacular. The links at the end will take you to the photos in my flickr set. Enjoy

1. IMG_4141.jpg, 2. IMG_4115.jpg, 3. IMG_4130.jpg, 4. IMG_4134.jpg, 5. IMG_4131.jpg, 6. IMG_4151.jpg, 7. IMG_4118.jpg, 8. IMG_4121.jpg, 9. IMG_4154.jpg


Jen said...

Gorgeous photos!

SJ said...

Beautiful! We've been robbed of the sunset here lately. We're getting the same storms, but it seems like as soon as they're done, the sun's already gone down.

Jenn said...

#2 is my favorite, pink sunsets are easy to come by, but the gold ones are my favorites! We had a nice one Saturday night after storms blew through.

Yvonne said...


Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures.

Daniele aka
or "landapugs" on SOS 08...