Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Favorite Things: OKC Edition

I did several of my favorite things here today.

I slept in.

I visited the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Hall of Fame and Museum.

And I went to dinner at County Line.

RT and I had lots of fun at the museum. It’s one of my very favorite places. If I lived here, I would absolutely get a membership. And I’d go all the time. The building itself is awesome, but there’s so much other stuff inside and outside. Here’s a little pictorial of RT’s trip through the museum. (click to biggify. I didn’t want to make them all large like I usually do … way too much space)

He played some checkers in front of the fireplace

Then we visited one of my favorite parts of the Museum, Prosperity Junction

It’s a “replica” of a turn-of-the-century western town. The train just came through, and the town just got a generator. We took a tour, and RT did lots of exploring.

We visited the blacksmith’s shop so we could see where the horseshoes are made.

He stopped and had a drink at the bar

Stopped and had a little snack at the table while listening to the player piano in the background

He decided he needed a little extra cash for later, so we stopped at the bank

Lucky for RT it appears to be summer. The schoolhouse was closed. I was gonna make him do some homework!

Oh, and if you’re curious, take a look at the Pledge in its original form. I like to wave this little fact in the face of people who got all fired up when deleting “under god” from the pledge was being hotly discussed.

Another stroke of luck – the doctor/dentist office was closed too. I wouldn’t want a cleaning or check-up using 1900 technology!

If RT looks a little scared in this picture, it’s because we were at the U.S. Marshall’s office. Apparently, they had heard that the furry little guy occasionally has sticky fingers

He found himself in the lock-up for a bit. But then I cleared it all up with the Marshall and we were on our way.

After his jail experience, RT was in a pretty big hurry to get back to 2008. So we hung out at the train depot for a bit and left Prosperity Junction.

We then headed out to the Cowboy Corral. RT saddled up and had a little fun with that

Then he got up close and personal with a Texas Longhorn

We then did something I’d never done before – headed outside and explored the rest of the grounds at the museum (have I mentioned that I love this place?)

We saw the huuuuuge statue of Buffalo Bill that is positioned so that it can be seen from I-44 (westbound)

This is the view from the outdoor patio of the “End of the Trail” statue. We’ll get back to that later.

I forgot to write down the name of this statue, but I thought it was fun, so I’m putting it in. It faces the previous photo.

This is RT in front of the “End of the Trail” statue. It’s a really neat quite famous statue and it’s huuuuge. It is the centerpiece as you walk into the museum.

With that, we said good-bye to the Museum. I will most certainly be back!


We had one more stop to make. Dinner!

We highly recommend County Line. It’s yummy.

More tomorrow..


Carol said...

Looked like you had a really cool day off. It will be interesting to see how you top that tomorrow.

Jenn said...

I would have baked RT a cake with a file in it, no problem!

Yvonne said...

I'm with Jenn!! :) Hope you're having a good time out there. I love the museum shots!!

Jess said...

How fun! I love all the pictures, it gives me a chance to 'visit' a place I will probably never see! Thanks to you and RT. :)