Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It’s Always Ben Franklin!

When I lived in Los Angeles, I found my ideal morning-drive radio show. These guys. I still listen to them almost daily, thanks to live streaming on the internet.

At 8:30 am, they have, for years, played a best-of-10 trivia questions game with two listeners competing against each other. Most of the time it’s fun. Although there are occasional instances where the Cali-centric belief system gets waved about (like when the best answer a pair of listeners could come up with to “Name one of the Great Lakes” was “Lake Havasu?”)


But after the official game, they generally played 10 more questions with the “cast” of the show. And whenever there was a question that involved anything between about ummm … 1706 and 1790 … being thought of or invented or whatever, the default answer was always – always. Benjamin Franklin. If you were gonna just throw out a guess, the guess was always Ben Franklin, and it was usually right.

Which brings me to today’s final Jeopardy! question

Category was Colonial Pen Names

“For Gossip columns, he wrote under the name Busy Body; to discuss marriage, he became Anthony Afterwit.”

And the answer?

Who was Benjamin Franklin!

See? He is always the right answer!


SJ said...

He was usually the answer to most of the historical trivia about my alma mater as well. (Of course, he founded it, so I guess it's no surprise!)

Trillian42 said...

Hee - in Trivial Pursuit Genus 1 (the original one), the default answer seems to be Ronald Reagan. :)

Yvonne said...

Ben Franklin!! Great FJ question.

Carol said...

Duh! What do you mean? Lake Havasu is a really great lake. You are too far east.

LaurieG said...

LOL, our friend always throws out Adolph Hitler as a guess about anyone in the 20th century. (He's actually been right a couple times.)

Celtic Queen said...

The Celtings loved this post as their school is....