Thursday, December 04, 2008

A Day in the Dungeon

OK, so it wasn’t the whole day. I stayed upstairs and worked until about 1:30. But the weather matched my mood (overcast and damp) and after making sure that I had finished all of my work that needed to get done, I decided to play a little hooky and spend the afternoon in my basement.

Yesterday, in celebration of my mom’s birthday, we visited another birthday party – at The Quilt Company! They had a good sale (Mom's favorite word!) so we went up there to check it out. I really love that shop and just wish it was the littlest bit closer to my house.

In any case, one of the things I bought was two packages of Bali Pop fabric and the (free) pattern to go along with it.

Welcome to Blurry Photo Day!

So this afternoon, I went downstairs and started cutting, then sewing.

Wow! Sorry 'bout that photo. I had no idea it was so bad and I only took one!

I’m about halfway through the blocks made from the first kit, and I’m starting to second-guess myself. Should I do the second pack since it’s the same colorway? Or run back up there and exchange it for a coordinating pack? I’m planning to make one quilt with this project. I’ll make a final decision later.

I also threw one of my first quilting projects in the washing machine. A year and a half of sitting in the basement left it open to spiderwebs and the like, so I didn't consider a bath optional. I knew the fabrics were lower quality and remembered that they had crocked when I sewed them, nearly eight years ago.

Yeek! (Yep. Three blurry photos!)

It came out just fine. There’s a tiny bit of bleed on the muslin background, but I knew that was coming before I threw it into the wash. It’s a several-inch thick poly batting and it’s tied. Not my best work. It’s a utility quilt, so I’m not upset.

I took a break from sewing tonight to go to a holiday party at The Frick with my mom, the Hubster, my aunt and a friend of hers. Then we went here for dinner (yum!).

OK. Back to the dungeon for a tiny bit of pressing so I can be ready to sew again tomorrow. Around a whack of errands in preparation for the Florida trip. I’m so not (mentally) ready to go. ::sigh::

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SJ said...

Oooh, I like the fabric you picked out!