Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Koigu Kermit Socks

OK, so I give up on waiting for the confluence of sunlight, my feet, my camera and these socks to come together. So you get socks on blockers, not on feet.

As usual, I started with my favorite toes. I still think the garter toe is just brilliant!

Check out those faboo sock blockers!

I finished with some nice boring 2x2 rib. But it was fine. I had forgotten just how much I love knitting with Koigu. It's a really great yarn!

I’ll never pick up heel stitches again!

Koigu Kermit Socks

Pattern: Riverbed Upstream* Master Pattern from New Pathways for Sock Knitters
Yarn: Koigu KPPPM
Purchased: Unraveled in Monrovia, Calif., Spring 2007
Color: An awesome fleck-ey green that I really love
Needles: Hiya Hiya, 2-16” 2.5mm needles
Sock Size: U.S. Women’s 8.5 (for me … 8.5” circumference/9/5” length)
Started: 26 October 2008 (this is what I was knitting when I was yelled at)
Finished: 12 November 2008 in Cat Bordhi’s class :-)
Mods: *Oops. 

*This is what I get for posting just before bedtime/putting off writing my post until the last minute. These socks were supposed to be Riverbeds. But then I turned the first heel at a special Fifth Wednesday meeting of the Hurricane knitters and put the heel on the opposite side from where it was supposed to go.

I inadvertently illustrated exactly why New Pathways socks are so versatile. It doesn't matter where you put the arch increases/heel. They really can go anywhere! So in one quick mistake, these socks went from Riverbeds (arch increases on sole) to Upstreams (arch increases across top of the foot). ba da BING!

Oh, and the 80th piece of background fabric arrived in Monday’s mail. Beth’s quilt was finished Monday night and mailed back to California this afternoon. Yippee!!


turtlegirl76 said...

I have GOT to get to these sockitechtures! I love the look of these socks! So simple, yet striking. Maybe that should be my new years knitty-lution.

Beautiful! Great blockers! ;)

Bezzie said...

I love that color!!! But I also love picking up a heel too! ;)

SJ said...

Ahh, Koigu socks! So nice! And they look fab on the blockers!

I certainly hope you took a picture of the quilt before you sent it off. After hearing about these quilts, I really need to see them after the big reveal. (Hint, hint.)

MollyBeees said...

Brilliant! I love the colorway!