Friday, December 19, 2008

M&M’s Quilt 1 of 8: Beth!

Sorry for the long blog hiatus. Convention was a killer (I’m too negative and have a smart mouth. Gee, that wrap-up meeting was fun!) and a full week of significant sleep depravation has left me fuzzy-headed for an additional week.

But, I’ll get back to blogging starting now! The only knitting I’ve been doing is on my Noro Scarf, and the end may finally be in sight! Good thing, since I’m itching to start on the yarn I bought for the sequel!

Anyhoo, I said I’d blog the eight quilts my M&Ms quilting mini-group revealed just under two weeks ago. We’ll go in order of when they left my house, most recent first.

So whose quilt did I sew on last? Beth’s!

Beth did something totally different than everyone else in our little group. She picked a paper pieced quilt from that amazing website Quilter’s Cache, and provided all of the fabric, both the background squares (which caused a minor emergency) and the colored stars. By using Judy Mathieson’s brilliant freezer paper paper piecing technique (scroll down, it's there!), I zipped right along on this quilt.

From top (left) to bottom (right), here are the three photos that make up my row on Beth’s quilt. I photoshopped in the white line so you could see where my work starts. It’s kinda hard to tell otherwise. Anyhoo …

Left chunk

Center chunk (with my most favorite-est slippers peeking in at the bottom of the frame)

Right chunk

And now, for the whole shebang as it looked right before I put it in the mail back to California


And on reveal night, December 8, at Sandy’s house!

Hi, Beth! :-)

Hope you like your finished quilt!

Beth wound up with a fabulous final product. I hope she loves it!


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sophanne said...

That Is Amazing.

Jen said...

Wow - that is a beautiful quilt!

SJ said...

That is a seriously gorgeous quilt!

Jess said...

Wow. That's amazingly beautiful. I love it. Way jealous of the recipient.

HB said...

That is one beautiful quilt - what a great idea!