Wednesday, December 24, 2008

M&Ms #6 of 8: Lisa!

Oops. I spent the afternoon in the basement, sewing. Then we had dinner and I watched a little football and all of “It’s a Wonderful Life.” I kind of forgot I hadn’t done a blog post. Well, the world won’t end if I’m a little late, will it?

Lisa had very specific instructions.

Black background, fabric provided. Name of the block must include the word “Star,” and could be any 12” (finished) star except the Autograph Star. She had made autograph stars for each of us, which we were to sign with our name and the name of the start that we chose to sew. The color of each block was to be chosen by the color of an M&M. You saw a preview of my block here with this picture:

Once again, I took crappy notes, and hell if I can remember the name of the block I chose. Lisa reads, so if she can fill me in on the name of the block, that would be awesome!

As you know, a regular package of plain M&Ms has candy in red, orange, yellow, green, blue and brown. If I remember right (and that’s a crapshoot, especially when I’m blogging this late!), brown was to be ignored and orange could only be used once. Your only color restriction was that your row had to be a different color than the row before yours. Carol and I had a good giggle when I posted the above photo as the tiny little preview of my work on Lisa’s quilt. Knowing my affinity for blue, Lisa was baffled that I had chosen green. Tee hee! Carol had done a blue row!

Here’s what I got in the mail from Carol

On my lovely living room carpet, no less!

And here’s what it looked like when it headed back to Carol for the next switch

And finally, here’s what Lisa saw at the big Dec. 8 reveal!

I think she had a fantastic idea and would up with a really terrific quilt!

Merry Christmas, everyone! It’ll be a quiet holiday here. Just the Hubster and I for the morning, then at some point we’ll head over to my parents house. Enjoy your Thursday in whatever way suits you best!

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HB said...

Love this! Again - what a great idea. New Year's Resolution #1 for me - join a quilt guild!
Merry day after Christmas!