Monday, December 22, 2008

M&Ms Quilt #4 of 8: Nonie!

Nonie picked some of my favorite colors, blues and yellows. I have a whole tub of fabric with a pattern pulled to do a blue and yellow quilt of my own!

Here’s Nonie with her row on opening day

Hi, Nonie!

If I remember right, Nonie’s instructions were pretty much to use yellow and blue fabrics and you should use at least two different blocks in your row. But I could be wrong. I don’t clearly remember the instructions for this particular quilt. (since I had it many moons ago ...)

I worked on this quilt exclusively at the Lake, and went to my favorite store up there, Quilted Memories to get one of the two blues. I promptly mis-cut in some way, shape or form and had to readjust exactly how many of each block I was going to do. Eh. It all worked out OK.

My row is on the bottom. Blocks, as always, were taken from Quilters Cache. I believe they were (L-R): Antique Tile, Arrowhead Puzzle and Envelope Motif. I have no idea why I skipped my “signature” Double Z block, since it wound up in just about everyone else’s quilt.

And here’s the finished quilt on the night of the “big reveal.” Boy, my row really stands out in the middle there!

I don’t know why I didn’t take more pictures of this quilt, but that ship has sailed. We’re at the halfway point of the M&Ms Row Robin. I hope you aren’t bored to death yet!


Jenn said...

I'm digging the quilts, I can't wait to see how your's looks!

SJ said...

Ditto Jenn's comment. These are such fun to see, even for a non-quilter. You're really building up the excitement for us to see yours!

Bezzie said...

Are you nuts? It's so cool to see how everyone interpreted the other peoples' instructions on how they'd like their quilt!