Tuesday, December 23, 2008

M&Ms #5 of 8: Anne!

Anne is the lone blogger in my M&Ms group, although she’s a bit of a lapsed blogger. That’s OK. She’s fun anyway, and I love that she’s grabbing her new life at the Gardens with both hands and shaking it for all it’s worth!

Anne loves bright colors, particularly lime green. When she moved in at the Gardens, we made her a quilt for her bed at her new place. Here’s her blog post of that quilt, my row is the nine-patch blocks at the foot of the bed.

So anyhoo, the colors for Anne’s quilt this time around weren’t drastically different. Dog/cat fabrics, bright colors, black backgrounds. Fabric options, background (I think?) and between-row sashings included for our convenience. Here’s Anne with her "starter row" on Opening Day:

Once again, I worked on this just about exclusively at the Lake, I used a fabric I bought at Quilted Memories up there, and barely took pictures for some unknown reason. I used two blocks, two Brasstown Stars

And three Paper Pinwheels

And where did I find the blocks? Say it with me now … Quilters Cache! Here's what the quilt looked like when it headed back to the left coast

Finally, here’s Anne with her finished quilt top.

Three more quilts to go.

In other news, I’m officially off of work until January 5. I don’t really have the words to express how happy this makes me. We’re also meeting with the third and final contractor about the master bathroom tomorrow morning. Here’s hoping we can get someone in here and working in January.


SJ said...

Happy vacation and happy holidays!

HB said...

I love all these quilts - what a great idea! I really need to find a guild in my area. I missing hangin out with quilty friends!

Bezzie said...

Oh cool! It's like a new-age Amish color scheme. I dig!

And have a fun vacation!