Wednesday, December 03, 2008

WiP Wednesday: Focus

Of the three things I showed you last week, one hasn’t been touched, one is finished and one I’m still loving.

Here’s the one new photo that (still) fits the WiP Wednesday criteria

I am loving these mittens. Seriously. One more repeat to the decreases, then off to the races with its mate. I will absolutely do more colorwork in the near future. These mittens are a blast.

The Moebius will be going with me to Florida next week, along with yarn for its successor. I’m hoping those will both be Christmas gifts, but I’m not committing to it yet. We shall see.

The Sheep Feet Socks are done. Six days. For a pair. You’ll see them in this corner of cyberspace soon. I have some strong opinions going on that topic too.

And I picked up the Noro Scarf again. It went to Frost/Nixon (the play. not the movie) with us tonight and will also be going with me to Florida along with its successor. Yeah, I had to miss Hurricane Knitters tonight, which stinks. I'm hoping everyone had fun without me!

So that’s about it from chez DPUTiger. Exciting stuff, I know. Off to clean up for the cleaning folks, who are coming tomorrow. I know that sounds crazy, but I’m a slob and I need to pick up after myself so somebody else can do the dusting and sweeping. Hey, it makes sense to me!


SJ said...

Wow, your mitten is looking fantastic! I think I may need to copy you and knit a pair one day after all.

How was the play?

(My word verification is "lemin" -- is that a Communist citrus fruit, do you think?)

Jenn said...

I love that mitten! I didn't see your entry last week, Bloglines ate some posts and I missed A LOT.

Donna Lee said...

I started a pair of color work socks last October (2007). I like doing it but I don't like the yarn I chose. I wasn't sure I would like doing it so I bought cheap yarn and it's not fun to work with. So, I have one finished (too big and has to be ripped back) sock and one 2/3 finished sock. Every once in a while, I pick them up and work on them. Someday they'll get finished.

MollyBeees said...

Kineye go to Florida with ya, please? Windchills in the minus digits here this morning! LOVE the mittens!

Daniele said...

Gorgeous colorwork. I just love the black and white together. :)