Saturday, December 20, 2008

M&M Quilts #2 of 8: Sandy

Sandy’s quilt should have been the sixth quilt that I worked on, not the seventh. But I got really behind and finished Denise’s quilt so I could ship it back to Nonie, and Beth and Lisa were fine with having a little less time since they could sew concurrently to finish the quilt. (no, you really didn't need to follow all of that)

Here’s Sandy on “opening day” back in February with her starter row.

Sandy’s quilt was made with upholstery fabrics. All of them were heavier than regular quilting cottons, some of them a lot heaver, and many of them frayed quite a bit.

The parameters for Sandy’s quilt were that each row had to have five unique blocks (12” finished). You could repeat a block from elsewhere in the quilt as long as it wasn’t in the row that was touching yours. Sandy provided all fabrics for the quilt, since none of us were going to already have matching upholstery fabric in their stash.

This quilt somehow got “big and scary” in my head and I don’t really know why. But in the end? It is a little special to me as it was my election day project! This is what I was sewing on when I heard the news of who was going to be POTUS No. 44. I stayed up until about 3 a.m. that night watching election returns and sewing until this quilt was finished so I could send it out the next day. Totally worth it!

Once again, I used Quilters Cache as an amazing resource to find the blocks I sewed for this quilt. From left to right, they were:

Ribbons, Four Patch Fox & Goose, Double Z, Amish Diamond, Mystery Block (Nelson’s Victory that I screwed up? Not out of the question.)

Ribbons, Four Patch Fox & Goose, Double Z

Four Patch Fox & Goose, Double Z, Amish Diamond

Amish Diamond, ???

And here’s a picture of Sandy’s quilt when it left my house. My row is at the bottom.

Finally, here’s the finished quilt, as unveiled at Sandy’s house on December 8.

(my row is next-to-last on the right. see the bright blue < ?)

Sandy is our wonderful host for this very special group. The group is the M&Ms quilters because we meet on Mondays and Sandy lives on Melrose, so M&M’s means Melrose Mondays.

As always, huge thanks to Sandy and her daughter Deb for allowing all of us to spend so much time at their house. Love & miss you both, and Sandy, I hope you love your finished quilt!

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crosstoc said...

I absolutely adore my quilt. I bought the fabric to redo the couch in my sewing room. Didn't happen. Now I will have a quilt to lay over the couch which all the puggies will sleep on. It is so special and every just did an outstanding job. I'm thrilled.