Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy Friday!

A week ago, I wandered into Bloomin’ Yarns for work and there were two boxes from Manos sitting there on the floor. I immediately saw a bundle of a new Manos base yarn, Maxima, and decided I’d call it George.

I had a class to teach, and while that was going on, a customer found a different color of the Maxima and bought half of it. On Saturday, Celtic Queen came in and bought three skeins of that same color, leaving just two in the store. I couldn’t leave them behind, sad and lonely.

Meet my Maxima


This base yarn is just lovely. It’s a single, and as soon as I touched it, I immediately though “Look out, Malabrigo. There’s a new kid on the block with better colors.”


This particular colorway is called Beehive. It’s 219 yards/skein, worsted weight and listed as 100% extrafine merino wool. As you saw on Wednesday, it jumped onto my needles right away. My möbius is coming along nicely, thanks!


Now I just need to resist the “original” George. Wish me luck!


SJ said...

I wanted to pet your yarn the other night, but I thought I should keep my germs off of it. It looks amazing!

Zonda said...

Oooh that is gorgeous!! Hard to resist I'm sure ;)

Zonda said...
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Trillian42 said...

GORGEOUS color! I'm still leery of using Manos, though. The one project I did with it, the yarn SHREDDED my hands. I don't know if it was something in the way the yarn was dyed or processed or what, but I usually skip it. That's tempting, though.

Donna Lee said...

That is gorgeous yarn. It looks soft in the photos. I can see how it'll feel. I'll have to look and see if my lys has any in stock.