Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I would have had a nearly finished Imperial Stock Ranch shawl to show you, but when my KnitPicks cable separated last night, I accepted what had been obvious. It was gonna be too small on the needles I had picked. I’ll try it again in the semi-near future.

Meanwhile, after spending two full days last week warping the loom, I have one towel finished


And a second one in progress


And HOLY COW, do I ever need to work on getting a consistent beat. That’s the weaving version of a consistent tension, and it’s why you can see major differences in the fabric. In stripes. Oh well. These towels will still go out the door as gifts, and I’ll improve. They’ll dry dishes just fine even if they don’t look perfect.

When I ditched the Imperial shawl last night, I did what I should have done on Saturday when I started that. I cast on for a möbius.


I’m teaching the möbius cast-on Thursday night. The samples I had last time around went out the door as Christmas presents last December. It won’t be done in time for class, but hopefully it can give the students an idea of how this thing works.

And, on a final note, any ideas on how to make some chipmunks scram?


They make a gigantic mess on the front walk and I’m sick of them digging in this particular spot. And no, I haven’t tried a damn thing to make them go away.


turtlegirl76 said...

Oooh is that an orange towel you're on now?

Celtic Queen said...

1) Being in the 'Burgh shouldn't the title of this post read This N'At? :)
2) Dishtowels are still lovely and I'm still jealous.
3) I totally recognize that möbius! You stole mine. Well... technically the yarn is still in hiding in the van.

Jenn said...

Love the weaving. I'm sure the recipients won't see what you see, as it looks great to me!

Jenn said...

I have no idea what to tell you about the chipmunks. Rufus seems to have some sort of peace treaty with them and will sniff their wee chipmunk houses, but lets them alone. (The chipmunks at my parents house on the other hand...)

Maybe you should rent a cat.

Jen said...

Pretty towels! Good luck with your chipmunks. I hope they don't decide to move into your house like our squirrels.

Donna Lee said...

My brother hasn't had a chipmunk, squirrel, rabbit, frog, or woodchuck in his yard since he got the rottweilers. They eat anything. I was thinking about borrowing them for a few days to take care of the woodchucks in my yard that have tunnelled their way under a fence from the neighbors' yard.

The towels look great. I like the orange color. It's very popular now.

SJ said...

Love the towels! I think only a weaver would notice the issue you described, so I think you're going to impress the socks off of whoever gets the towels.

I'm no help with the chipmunk issue. Our issue is with a much larger rodent (yes, our groundhog is back). I think it may be time for the animal trap. I wonder if they make chipmunk-sized traps?

Zonda said...

Darned chipmunks! Have no idea sorry! Loving your towels though!